Wireless RC Link For GoPro Control

Wireless RC Link For GoPro Control

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This is a remote for GoPro cameras that plugs into an RC receiver (PWM input) and uses a single channel and switch to trigger both pictures and videos.  The remote connects to the WiFi signal from the GoPro and sends commands wirelessly. 

Configuring the remote with your individual GoPro’s WiFi settings (same used to connect with GoPro App) is as simple as connecting your computer or phone to the WiFi generated by the remote during configuration and entering your details.  Changing the configuration of the remote can be done at any time and is fast and convenient.


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  • Basic Operation

    Uses a single switch to control the channel.

    2 Position Switch (lo-hi)

    • Take Picture: Flipping the switch (hi–lo or lo–hi) triggers a picture. 
    • Starting Video: If the switch is flipped twice quickly (hi–lo–hi or lo-hi-lo), it starts a video recording. 
    • Stopping Video: Flipping the switch once again (hi-lo or lo-hi), ends the recording.


    3 Position Switch (lo-mid-hi)

    • Take Picture: Flipping the switch between lo and mid (lo-mid or mid-lo) positions triggers a picture.
    • Starting Video: If the switch is flipped into the hi position, a video is started. 
    • Stopping Video: Flipping the switch from the hi position into either the mid or lo positions stops the video.
  • Compatible Cameras

    • GoPro Hero 3, 3+
    • GoPro Hero 4, Hero 4 Session, Hero Session
    • GoPro Hero+, Hero+ LCD


    Note: Future compatibility with Hero 5, 6, & 7 is currently being developed.  Future updates will be available via a free firmware update.

  • Features

    • Status LED and Buzzer
    • Wireless Control
    • PWM Input – Plug and Play
    • User Configuration Saved to Memory during Power Off
    • Wide Input Voltage Range (4-12V DC)
    • Simple Configuration and Setup – See Video
    • Free Firmware Updates
    • Low Power Consumption: 80mA @ 5VDC
    • Line of Sight Range (Between Remote and GoPro Camera, tested with Hero 3+, Hero Session, and Hero+ LCD): 20 yds
    • Has little to no effect on transmitter/receiver range. 

      Note: Range was tested with and without the GoPro Remote in operation next to the receiver and no distinguishable difference could be noted in the resulting range of the transmitter/receiver connection.  2.4Ghz DSMX Protocol was used for testing purposes.

  • Configuration Options

    • GoPro WiFi (App) SSID
    • GoPro WiFi (App) Password
    • GoPro Model
    • PWM (us) below which a low signal is triggered (Default: 1350)
    • PWM (us) above which a high signal is triggered (Default: 1650)
    • Status Buzzer: ON or OFF (Default: ON)
    • Status LED: ON or OFF (Default: ON)
  • Includes

    • GoPro RC Remote with servo connector
    • User Manual
    • Status LED and Buzzer