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About Us

Here at NES Custom Design LLC, we strive to provide excellent service and products at a price you can afford.  Starting out from a hobby, I could not get past the utility of being able to design a completely custom part to my exact needs and then 3D print it in materials characteristic of end-use parts.  When doing any number of projects I found myself thinking in terms of how 3D printing could make the project easier.  More and more I found myself going back to it because it was a perfect solution for so many different applications.  I especially appreciated the ability to print in Nylon, as it is a very strong and durable material.

I decided to offer this experience to others by setting up a Custom 3D Printing Service on eBay for starters.  It started slowly, but gradually, I received more business and experience.  Now I have transitioned to my own website and have started to introduce a steady line of popular products along with maintaining our Custom 3D Printing Service.

As always, we endeavor to continue to provide quality service and a fair price thanks to your support.

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