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Custom 3D Printing

We strive to provide the highest level of service. We can make the parts out of a variety of materials including PLA, ABS, and Nylon or PETG.   



  1. To get a free estimate, please click on the link at the top of this page to fill out a request form.​​​​​​

    • Include the following details:​

      1. The .STL or .OBJ file ​for the part (also include basic part dimensions and units for size verification) OR

        • The part can also be designed for you.  Design costs vary depending on complexity and sufficient details.​

      2. If known, please include details concerning desired material, infill density, and any other desired Print Parameters.  (Details Below)​

        • If unknown, a recommendation will be made for you.​

    • We will make every effort to make the print work.  Informing uf of how the part will be used can help in the process.​

      1. If the print does not work out, the buyer is not responsible for costs.​


  1. Pricing will vary depending on, print complexity, material cost, tolerance requirements, and any design costs.  The minimum cost per order is $5.00.

  2. We can create items up to 8.5" x 8.5" x 9.4"    

  3. We offer discounts for multiple items. Contact us for more information.

  4. is a great source for downloadable 3D designs!

  5. Please send us a message before purchasing!

Shipping Time:  Printing times vary based on size and weight. It is usually shipped out within 3-4 business days.  Shipping is always free via USPS.


  1. PLA - Is the most common thermo-plastic. It is strong, chemically resistant and biodegradable.

    1. Material Costs: $0.32/cm3 ($5.25/in3)    

    2. Colors: Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Silver, White, Yellow


  1. ABS - It is a tough, durable and rigid material.  It prints well and has a relatively low shrinkage rate.  ABS is not hygroscopic.  Its glass transition temperature is 105 degrees Celsius and is amorphous, but melts around 230 degrees Celsius.

    1. Material Costs: $0.23/cm3 ($3.79/in3)     

    2. Colors: Black, Blue, Green, Red, White


  1. Nylon - Is the strongest material we can print. It is extremely tough, impact resistant, and flexible.  It has relative high shrinkage compared to other thermoplastics.  Nylon also is hygroscopic by nature (absorbs moisture including humidity over time).

    1. Material Costs: $0.56/cm3 ($9.14/in3)     

    2. Colors: Natural (Off White, perfect for dyeing any color using RIT dye)


  1. PETG - Is also a very strong material.  It is ore stiff than nylon, but more flexible than ABS and PLA.  It has very little shrinkage relative to other thermoplastics.

    1. Material Costs: $0.56/cm3 ($9.14/in3)     

    2. Colors: Black, Blue, Green, Red, White

Print Parameters: 

  • Specific settings can be requested, but optimal settings will be used by default to produce the highest quality print.

  • Infill – This is the fill density on the inside of solid portions of the print.  Typical amounts range from 20% for cost savings to 100% for maximum strength.

    1. Cost variation by material costs

  • Wall Thickness – This specifies the width of the wall of the part, separating the edge of the part from the infill.

  • Layer Thickness – This is the thickness of each layer of the print in millimeters.  Ranges from 0.10 – 0.25mm.  The thicker the layer the quicker it can print, but results in a lower resolution print.  Some materials print better at different thicknesses.  Prints will be printed at average layer thickness unless higher or lower resolution is requested.

    1. Costs:

                                        i.      Low Resolution = 20% savings off material costs

                                      ii.      High Resolution = 20% material cost increase

Our Printers: 

We use a High Precision Custom Prusa i3 for all our prints. With the combination of an All-Metal Hot End and a self-leveling, heated, glass build plate, this printer is very consistent and accurate.     

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