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Our RV Internet Setup

My wife and I are traveling full time now in an RV and needed a reliable internet connection especially since I am working remotely.  I hope to give a high level overview of the services we use as well as the components I would recommend.

Internet Services

I did a lot of research on what would provide the most reliable service and widespread coverage and I came up with a combination of a cellular hotspot and SpaceX Starlink.

Calyx Institute

  • T-mobile Truly Unlimited Hotspot

  • 5G / 4G LTE - ~$42 / month​

Verizon Unlimited

  • 5G / 4G LTE​

  • Provided by my work

Starlink Roam

  • Fast Internet

  • Requires a broad, open view of the sky

  • $150 / month

By far, I would recommend the Calyx Institute Sustainer plan the most of these 3, as it has provided excellent service and coverage at a very good price.  The Starlink service has also worked well, but I only activate it for a month if the other services do not work at our location due to its expense.




The GL.iNet GL-AX1800 Router that I use makes it possible to seamlessly combine these 3 different internet sources together into the router and only have one, unchanging WiFi signal that all our devices connect to.  I would HIGHLY recommend this router to anyone working with multiple internet connections.  It has many other features that make it stand far above the rest and well worth the $95.

GL.iNet AX1800 Webpage

GL-AX1800 Documentation

Most Important Features to Us:

  • Multi-Source Internet with automatic switchover

    • Ethernet​

    • WiFi repeater

    • USB Tethering / USB Modem

    • 2.4G and 5G Networks

  • Adguard software installed in the router to block ads

We connect one of our cellular hotspots via the ethernet port, one with USB tethering, and just repeat the WiFi from the Starlink Router.  We have the Multi-WAN set to failover so when we arrive at a new location, I test which hotspot is the fastest, and prioritize that one first.  Then, if that internet connection goes down, the router automatically diverts internet traffic to the next prioritized connection.  It works great.


Cell Booster

We also use a WeBoost Drive Reach RV cell booster ($520), which is also a must.  Sometimes the signal is barely strong enough without the booster on, but with the booster, the internet is great.   A must, to have a reliable connection.

We mount the external from our RV ladder and the internal ladder, is mounted very close to our two 5G hotspots.  

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